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12MP WiFi IP Camera 10X Zoom

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Discover the ultimate surveillance solution – a 12MP WiFi IP Camera with 10X zoom. Ensure maximum security and keep an eye on what matters most.

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Introducing our game-changing 12MP WiFi IP Camera with an impressive 10X zoom capability. Get ready to capture every detail, no matter how far away, with breathtaking clarity and precision. This cutting-edge camera is your ticket to high-resolution surveillance like never before.

With its advanced 12-megapixel sensor, this WiFi IP Camera delivers stunningly clear images that will leave you in awe. Whether you’re monitoring your home or office, every important detail will be captured with exceptional accuracy. And thanks to the powerful 10X zoom feature, you can now bring distant objects up close without compromising image quality.

Convenience meets security with the built-in WiFi functionality of this camera. Simply connect it to your network and enjoy seamless remote viewing on your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. No longer limited by physical boundaries, you can monitor your premises from afar and ensure peace of mind knowing that everything is under control.

Upgrade to the future of surveillance technology today – get our 12MP WiFi IP Camera with an incredible 10X zoom and experience unparalleled image quality and convenience at your fingertips.

12MP WiFi IP Camera 10X Zoom Video Surveillance Three Lens Three Screen 360° Security Camera Outdoor Waterproof Auto Tracking

12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom


– Three lenses, three sensors, and three screens design, allowing you to see more details;

– You can choose between 2K/5K resolutions. Ultra high definition graphics bring you a higher definition visual experience

2K resolution: 2 million pixels per lens, 2 million lenses+2 million lenses=2K

5K resolution: 4 million pixels per lens, 4 million lenses+4 million lenses+4 million lenses=5K

– Equipped with a high gain enhanced 5dBi antenna, your camera can receive a wider range of signals;

– Built in infrared LED and white LED, presenting clear and colorful day/night images for you;

– 3 image modes: smart mode/infrared mode/color mode,

Infrared mode is infrared on mode. The image is black and white, the white LED is off

Color mode: white LED lights up, day and night are color vision;

– 24/7 motion detection; Real time push to protect your family safety;

– Built in high-quality speakers and microphones for unobstructed two-way conversations,;

– Echo suppression and cancellation and noise suppression technology, perfect full duplex voice effect;

– Supports 2.4GHz WiFi connection (does not support 5G WiFi); Support RJ-45 network cable connection;

– Real time image transmission, adaptive network;


12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom

One Camera, Triple Performance

12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom

HD High Resolution

5K pixels = 4MP Lens + 4MP Lens + 4MP Lens

– 2K / 5K Two resolution for you to choose. Higher resolution, bring you a smooth video playback experience.

12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom

3-Lens & 3 Screen

-5K camera achieves real-time monitoring of three images. The first screen is a pan tilt camera, and the second and third lens screens are fixed position cameras. You can click on the position you want to zoom in on in the fixed camera video, and the 8mm lens pan tilt camera will move to the specified position.

12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom

10X Zoom Security Camera.

– Press and hold the screen with both hands to Zoom in/out and see more details.
-Just use your finger to hold the mobile phone screen and expand outward, to Zoom in/out the live video image. This WiFi video surveillance can clearly see more zoom details with a clear picture, bringing you a better visual experience that is unsurpassed by other products in the market. Realize to see bigger details of distant objects without getting close.

12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom

Wide Viewing Angle

12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom

AI Auto Tracking

– can be set.
-With advanced AI auto tracking technology, After locking the target, the video camera will adjust the pan/tilt rotation automatically, Tracking moving objects. This security camera never let you miss any important moment

12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom

Clear Two-Way Audio & Audio Record

– Record important sound evidence of true reproduction and talk with the visitors freely through built-in Microphone & speaker.
-This IP camera with built-in enhanced microphone and speaker, you can warn off thieves, screen visitors at your door or communicate directly with your family or friends. Protecting your family and property from harm just by your phone app. Give you peace of mind and 24-hour security protection.

12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom

APP: IPC360 Home

Remotely view your home on phone app or PC software. This ip camera will monitor continuous 24 hour per day. When you are on vacation, you will never be worried about your home security.

12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom

Intelligent dual light visual modes- Infrared mode & Color night vision mode

– Equipped with 4 white LEDs and 4 high-efficiency infrared LEDs, it can provide you with colorful and high-definition image effects no matter day or night.

12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom

Wired connection & Wireless connection

– You could select the convenient connection as you want . Sometimes you might just have one way to connect the camera , don’t worry , this camera supports wireless and wire connection at the same time.

12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom
12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom

IP66 Waterproof & High-quality ABS Engineering Material With Solid Construction

– Equipped with waterproof level IP66 to make the camera survive various of harsh environment. Operational temperature -20°~ 50°, you can absolutely take it easy to put it outside

12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom

SD Card & Cloud Storage

This video surveillance camera supports Micro SD card storage up to 128GB (videos can be replayed in LAN network). Cloud storage to avoid the risk of losing footage from SD card. You can log in encrypted mobile phone app to instantly pinpoint your footage through an intelligent timeline and play it back in seamless and brilliant HD quality (SD card space size can be selected in the options!).”

12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom
12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom
12mp wifi ip camera 10x zoom

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2K Camera, 2K Camera-200004525, 2K Camera Add 64G, 2K Camera Add 128G, 5K Camera, 5K Camera Add 32G, 5K Camera Add 64G, 5K Camera Add 128G, 8K Camera

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EU plug, US plug, AU Plug, UK Plug

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    Good quality

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    high quality! Recommend!

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