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4MP WIFI Solar Camera and 4G Sim Card

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Experience top-notch security with the intelligent 4MP WIFI Solar Camera and enjoy seamless connectivity through a powerful 4G Sim Card. Get peace of mind now.

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Introducing the revolutionary 4MP WIFI Solar Camera and 4G Sim Card, a game-changer in the world of surveillance. With its advanced technology, this camera provides crystal clear images with its high resolution of 4 megapixels. Say goodbye to blurry footage and hello to sharp, detailed visuals that capture every important detail.

Equipped with WIFI connectivity, this solar camera allows you to easily monitor your surroundings from anywhere at any time. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, simply connect your smartphone or tablet to the camera’s WIFI network and gain access to live video feeds instantly. Keep an eye on your property, loved ones, or even pets effortlessly!

But that’s not all – what sets this product apart is its inclusion of a 4G Sim card. With this added feature, you can enjoy uninterrupted surveillance even when there is no Wi-Fi connection available. The camera will automatically switch to using the Sim card for data transmission purposes so that you won’t miss a single moment of crucial footage. It’s true peace of mind knowing that your security is never compromised!

SHIWOJIA 4MP WIFI Solar Camera 4G Sim Card PIR Human Detection Solar Battery Security Camera CCTV Video Surveillance Outdoor Cam
If installation is with WIFI, we suggest you buy wifi version.
If installation is without WIFI, we suggest you buy 4G sim version.
Security camera can be controlled on your phone. No matter where you are, even if another city, another country. You still can monitor that place on your phone.

4G version:

There are 2 different versions of the surveillance camera, one is 4G sim card version, can only support 4G sim card connection.

4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card

WIfi version:

if choose WiFi camera version, the video surveillance can only connect with WiFi, can not use 4G sim card connection.

The WiFi antenna modules of this wireless security camera offers a more stable network connection and wider range.

4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card
Q: Do i need to buy extra battery?
A:No need. 3 PCS 21700 baterries 12000 mAh is included in the video surveillance camera and can not remove.
Q: If the home is powered off, can the camera still operate normally?
A: Yes, because your surveillance camera uses battery to work, and 4G camera does not need wifi network.
Q: What App does this camera use?
A: Ubox app, you can download the APP via scaning QR code in the user manual.
Q: What’s difference of 4G camera and WIFI camera?
A: 4G camera only support 4g sim card connection, can not support WIFI connection. WIFI camera only support 2.4Gz WIFI connection
Q: Why can’t blue lights on when you try the 4G connection?
A: Please contact seller to check the sim card band frequency. And we would have solution for you.
**Please check if there have Pin password on your 3G 4G Sim card.
Q: What should i do when i get the solar camera?
A: open the power on button, charge the battery camera about 10hours.
Q: How many days would battery standby?
A: Normally 365 days, because this cctv camera have built-in 21700mAh battery and the solar panel would provide non-stop power for it.
4MP Solar Battery Floodlight Camera
Solar Panel:1 pcs solor board ,6W
Night veiw:6 pcs white led + 4 pcs IR leds
Storage:TF card slot,Max 128GB and Cloud storage
PIR:PIR support
Cable:With 5M Extending cable
Battery:built in 3 PCS 21700 baterries 12000 mAh
The camera can be rotated 355° pan and 90° tilt. You can control it through the app.
4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card
Solar Camera Feature:
4MP Full HD Resolution
Smart light
Solar Powered panel
Built-in 12000 mAh Battery
Wi-Fi/4G Connection
PIR Human body detection
Color& IR Night Vision
Extend Installation
Two-way Audio
IP66 Waterproof
Support TF Card and Cloud storage
4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card
Camera & Floodlight
Integrating a full HD camera and dual LED lighting, it automatically lights up and records when a human body is detected to meet monitoring and lighting needs.
4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card
Solar Energy No Need to Charge
*Connect the camera to the solar panel, and it will get uninterrupted power all day and all night.
*12000 mAh Rechargeable Battery Video Camera
*12000 mAh Rechargeable Battery & 100% power wire-free
*Beside, the solar panel can provide non-stop solar power for the outdoor camera day or night, sunny or  rainy.
*With rechargeable battery, it allows you no need any annoying wires for the ptz outdoor camera. 100% wire-free.
4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card
PIR Human Detection
If the PIR Alarm function is enabled, the camera will send the Alarm information to the User’s Mobile Phone when someone invades the surveillance area.
4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card
Color Night vision + IR
Built-in 4pcs infrared & white double led, The camera’s night vision has 3 modes: auto mode/ir mode/color mode.
4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card
Perfect For Place Without Wire And Power
*This Wireless solar Camera has built-in PIR motion detection feature. You can set the motion detection sensitivity based on your need.
*Only Detect the Bodys, like human and animals, more accurate

4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card

4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card

Waterproof IP66 Solar Outdoor Camera
*The security outdoor camera is equipped with an IP66 rated weatherproof outer casing, designed to operate the ptz cctv camera even in extreme weather conditions.
*The surveillance camera shell is made of high quality plastics, which is waterproof
*IP65 design shell can prevent dust and splash water from entering (please make sure all cover is used in correct position)
4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card
4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card
Multiple Storage Methods
Automatic recording and storage of audio, video and video, safe backup, and important information is not missed.
Micro SD Card Supports up to 128GB local storage,Cloud Service More secure and reliable
4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card

Packing Included:

1* Solar Camera (included battery)

1* Solar Panel

1* 5m extension cable

1* Set of Screw

1* User Manual

4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card

4mp wifi solar camera and 4g sim card

Additional information

Security Cameras Color

Black White WIFI, BW WIFI ADD 32GB, BW WIFI ADD 64GB, BW WIFI ADD 128GB, Black White 4G CAM, Black White 4G 32GB, Black White 4G 64GB, Black White 4G 128GB, Black WIFI CAM, Black WIFI ADD 32GB, Black WIFI ADD 64GB, Black WIFI ADD 128GB, Black 4G CAM, Black 4G ADD 32GB, Black 4G ADD 64GB, Black 4G ADD 128GB

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